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PELICAN Solutions

PELICAN Solutions is a consultancy to facilitate you in finding the answers you need in your organisation.

Whether it is short to medium term managerial staffing requirements, the planning and development of your organisation or making the best use of your systems, Pelican Solutions will guide you enable decisions for the best way forward and make an impact on your organisation.

Managers are more often too busy on the day to day tasks and not planning or organising for the future.  We believe in the adage "If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got."  Let us come and work with you, focus your thoughts, develop ideas for action and we will coach your organisation into moving forward - quickly.

Why use PELICAN?  To be blunt, it's the "Woods for the Trees" syndrome - sometimes an organisation cannot see its nose on its face, or perhaps you know what the problems are but just do not have the time to deal with them.  

In a nutshell, a third party facilitator will allow lateral thinking and an objective way for you to look at your organisation, identify change requirements and put them into practice.

All information shared with us will be used in the strictest of confidence.  Contact us for an informal discussion without obligation.

Construction Management ~ Temporary Staff ~ Business Development & Planning