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So you have computers and a website, but you may not be getting the best out of them or your expensive software, particularly if you are a small to medium sized organisation. 

If you are a large corporate organisation, you may have an internal IT department.  If not, an external IT company probably costs you a great deal of money every month and may not always give you what you need and your system may need reviewing. A lack of knowledge may have resulted in you being sold hardware and software that does not really do what you want.

Or a website that search engines cannot find on the net. Projects include: -

We and our partners believe that organisations can easily set up IT without a great deal of involvement with their end users.  It sounds fundamental but it can happen.  Your IT can be disliked by your employees and this can lead to poor morale. 

A third party facilitator like PELICAN Solutions will enable you to take a practical look at your IT set up.  You may not have an IT budget, but with little extra cost, you can use PELICAN to review your IT situation.  Furthermore, you can find out how to put your Microsoft © Office software to the best use with bespoke programs specially designed for your organisation.

To take your IT forward, please contact us.

PELICAN Solutions Ltd ~ Websites ~ Computer Systems ~ Networks ~ Hardware